Jake Wells interviewed at Vice Magazine’s Motherboard site

Jake Wells, the main protagonist in the short Lessons on Leaving Your Body and a central character in our upcoming film, was just interviewed for Vice Magazine by Arthur Michelle Holland, the interview took place after Michelle-Holland saw Lessons and becameinterested in hearing more from Jake about his experiences. Read the full story here: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/fleshpilot-and-the-spiritual-vision-of-the-drone

Artforum Critic’s Pick review about show featuring our footage

Nadav Assor’s solo show featured the video installation Lessons on Leaving Your Body , much of the material in which will be a part of our upcoming film. The show also featured FPV drone selfie photos, and a physical installation with a customized, restrained hexacopter drone autonomously flying in the gallery while chanting religious verse. Read the review here: http://artforum.com/picks/id=47316